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Project Hope - Calo Me Lare, Uganda - June 14th

Project Hope Worldwide is an amazing organization that was birthed through Discovery Bible Fellowship In Owasso and  currently has projects in four countries.   The Uganda project, Calo Me Lare,  is set up with a school, orphanage, church, medical clinic, and community well.   The desire of PHW is to offer a hand UP not a hand out by teaching students a variety of life skills, mentoring, and hands-on training.  PHW will soon be a self-sufficient community. They currently grow their own fruit in an on-site orchard and have a substantial garden that not only provides healthy food for the children and employees but it also provides hands-on training in an area that is dependent on agriculture as income.      I am so excited to have the opportunity to travel to Calo Me Lare to teach about the care and keeping of poultry and to help set up a beekeeping program.  I will head out on June 14th and will have the opportunity to visit another orphanage that already has a successful beekeeping operation and a large flock of chickens. 

Cash will be taken to purchase items there in addition to any items donated.  All items related to beekeeping that are taken there, will be left there with the students including jackets, gloves, etc.

Any further questions - Uganda Project email

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